Slit GV


Customized Large Transfer

Characteristics Customized order made
Opeation Pneumatic
Flange Size (ID) 80*500, 100*400, 200*1800, 650*1050, etc
Flange Type Customized
Feedthrough Welded bellows O-ring seal
Gate Seal Viton O-Ring / Kalrez O-ring
Bonnet Seal Viton O-Ring
Operate Pressure Range 1×10-8 torr to 1 bar
Differential pressure on the gate ≤ 1 bar
Leak rate < 5×10-9 torr ℓ/sec
Cycles until first service 10,000~200,000
Temperature for Valve Body ≤ 200 °C
Temperature for Actuator ≤ 80 °C
Bake Temperature ≤ 150 °C
Materials Stainless Steel304 , A5083~A7075
Mounting Position Any
Operating Pressure (N2) 4~7kgf/cm2